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Our Mission

To help families, individuals, brothers, and sisters in the community to know God better through different ministries that cater to their specific spiritual needs and according to the lives they currently lead.

A father reads to his three young children from the Holy Bible

Situated in Massapequa, Bethel Christian Center is a God-centered, family-oriented, and community-developing ministry headed by Pastors Derek K. and Jean Price. We welcome individuals of all age groups of any social status, helping them strengthen their faith and address their spiritual needs.

In living out our ministry, we aim to make disciples of all nations, spreading God’s Word and His love to many. We also aim to follow the path that God has laid out for us so that we can be with Him when the time comes.

We invite you to attend one of our worship and service time for us to praise, adore, and glorify God as a community. For further information, please call 516-308-4455.

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