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We have different ministries that cater to the unique spiritual needs of all age groups. We encourage you to join one of our ministries below and attend one of our events!

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Welcome to Bethel Christian Center

The Word of God serves as every Christian’s guide to living a Godly life. We are all encouraged to choose a path that God has destined for us. At the same time, it is our Christian duty to help spread God’s word to others.

Join any of our ministries and contact 516-308-4455 for more information on how you can help spread the Word.

Let Us Fulfill Our Christian Duty! Our Mission Statement

To help our brothers and sisters in the community to know God better through different ministries that cater to their specific spiritual needs and according to their current lifestyles.

About Us
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Be an instrument of God – deliver His message of Good News to the world!

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